TCS Light On 2006 CTS 3.6L


TCS Light On

Here is what is going on,
(TCS) Security Light illuminate. Gas Gauge, Temp Gauge not working
Car starts and runs fine. Experience a little lag on acceleration.

Dealer has cut a new key and replaced some module under the driver seat. Issue still remains. After $800 and 3 days of no car, I took it out. Been living with this issue for a month now.
I checked all fuses and even replaced 3. All checks out. I’ve reset ECU and disconnected battery a few times. Visually inspected all wires for disconnect or wear and damage.
Could it be my cluster on the dash? I am personally going to run codes and see if my computer registers the temp and gas meter. If this is happening and the display is not working for my dash could that be where the problem lies?


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