Jun 252017

2004 Ford Explorer

Shakes the whole vehicle violently

2004 explorer 4×4, new brakes and rotors all the way around. After a short time (after replacement) when brake pedal is slightly applied, a noise comes from the rear, and literally shakes the whole vehicle violently. The noise sounds like it’s coming from RR. I took the tire off, and found a broken stabilizer link and thought maybe that was the problem. Repaired that, but it’s still doing it. Any ideas?

Sounds like a caliper is hanging up or sticking. But Since you just had new rotors put on one other thought comes to mind. If the rotors were not carefully cleaned before installation it might be the cause.

Clean brake rotor

As shown in Step 11 in our step by step brake pad installation guide, the rotors need to be cleaned before installation. There is a coating placed on the outside of the rotors to prevent rust while setting around on the shelf. If this coating is not removed it tends to gum up the brake pads and will create havoc. Noise and pulsation being the number one cause of not getting the rotors properly cleaned.

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  1. Very helpful, I’ll take a look at everything this week. Thank you

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