Steering wheel is knocking 1999 ford focus

Ford Focus

My steering wheel is knocking

My steering wheel is knocking. It feel’s like a finger on a clock stuck on the same number when a battery is low. And I hear a slight knocking. Also it steers to the right if I let go of the wheel.

Sounds like a tire issue. Possibly a busted belt in one of the tires. A cheap way to test for this would be to rotate the front tires to the back. Then test drive and see if the steering wheel straightens out. You should also feel the problem move toward the back and may feel the back end wiggle. The fix would be to replace the faulty tire.

How could this happen?

Normal everyday driving with the streets riddled with potholes can become the cause quickly. Older more worn tires are more prone to see issues as compared to new tires.