2004 Chevy Venture Tail Light Circuit Board Issue

2004 Chevy Venture

Tail light problems

I have a 2004 Chevy Venture experiencing issues with the driver side (left) tail light circuit board. The brake light bulb, left turn signal bulb, and reverse indicator bulb aren’t working. Both the top and bottom running light(s) bulbs are working when activated, however when the left turn signal and/or hazard lights are activated, instead of the left turn signal bulb turning on, both the top and bottom running lights flash in sync with the turn signals.

Tonight I’m going to temporarily swap the driver and passenger side tail light circuit boards to see what happens. Any ideas on where the issue might be? Vehicle electronics isn’t my strong suit. Any suggestions and/or advice would be greatly appreciated! It’s my understanding that tail light electrical issues with the 2004 Chevy Venture (and other GM Mini vans from this same generation) are quite common.

This may be the case of installing the wrong bulb or the circuit board is faulty. A 3057 bulb is different than a 3157 bulb. Check this first. You are right that this year vehicle has had its share of tail light problems. The most common fix is replacing the tail light circuit board assemblies.

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