2008 Honda Accord jerks a little forward


Honda Accord

So I just got my first car, a 2008 Honda Accord Ex-l with 55k miles on it from an elderly couple. When I first bought it everything was fine. As I started to drive more and more I started having problems with the transmission.

First off, Its pretty hard to accelerate and when i do i feel the engine working hard to get up to around 2,500/3k rpm, then it gets smoother when it drops down to about 1,500rpm (is this normal?).

Car jerks a little forward

Another thing (my main concern) is that once I’m going anywhere from 30-60 mph and i take my foot off the gas and just let the car glide, as the rpm needle goes down and hits just below the 1k mark the needle jump up to around 1.5k and the car jerks a little forward. (when I’m going around 60-80, it might do this twice). What does this mean? Is that normal?
The last thing might be the same problem but I’m just gonna ask anyways.. Also when I’m breaking from most speeds, once the needle goes below the 1k mark the needle also jumps up (usually between the 500 and the 1k rpm mark).
Whats going on lol?
Ive already changed my break pads and rotors, changed my engine oil (not transmission), and got a fuel injector cleaner. (Not because of this problem, but they needed to be changed anyway.)
Also, whenever i turn my car on I always hear fluid dripping/gurgulling right behind the dashboard. What is causing that?
Thank you very much! Appreciate your service!


VSS? Check engine light?

Car jerking forward? Needle bouncing may all be related to what ever is going on. The needle bouncing isn’t much of a concern as long as the engine isn’t dying. The needle is moving around because the IAC (Idle Air Control) is doing its job.

The first place to start would be to have the check engine light codes scanned. Any present codes will assist in directing us toward the problem. This saves time and money. Also keeps us from trying to guess. Most any local auto parts stores will scan the codes for free. Post the codes below in the comments.