Labor estimate 1994 Chevy g20 van 4.3

Chevy Conversion Van

Hello I would like time not price to r&r rear brake shoes and maybe wheel cylinders. Thank you

Labor time estimate for brake shoes

 Pads And/or Shoes, Replace

Labor Times
demountable drum four wheels1.52.12.3
demountable drum front disc0.91.21.4
demountable drum rear drum0.91.21.4
non-demountable drum four wheels2.33.13.5
non-demountable drum front disc0.91.21.4
non-demountable drum rear drum1.72.32.6
Repack front wheel bearings0.00.70.7
Replace brake hose add each0.00.30.3
Replace rear whl grease seals add full floating ax0.00.50.5
Replace rear whl grease seals add semi floating ax0.00.30.3
Resurface brake drum add each0.00.50.5
Resurface brake rotor add each0.00.90.9
Includes: Adjust service and parking brake. System bleeding.
Replace brake drum add0.00.50.5
Replace disc brake rotor add0.00.50.5
Replace wheel cylinder add0.00.50.5
w/dual rear wheels add each0.00.10.1