Mar 152019

Transmission fluid is showing up in radiator,looking to fill up found red fluid instead of water.
Gallon put in Transmission two days ago.
Where do I look for leak?

The radiator. An internal leak in the radiator allows transmission fluid to enter the cooling system.


cooling system component diagram

Radiator Replacement

  1. Drain cooling system into a suitable container.
  2. Remove air inlet resonator.
  3. Remove coolant system to reserve tank hose.
  4. Disconnect fans electrical connector.
  5. Remove coolant recovery system tank retaining screw from upper radiator crossmember.
  6. Disconnect upper radiator mounting screws from crossmember, then disconnect engine block heater wire if equipped.
  7. Remove upper radiator crossmember.
  8. Remove air cleaner assembly.
  9. Disconnect and plug automatic transaxle lines from transaxle.
  10. Remove hose clamps and hoses from radiator.
  11. Remove air conditioning condenser attaching screws located at front of radiator, if equipped. Do not discharge air conditioning system.
  12. Remove radiator from engine compartment by lifting upward.
  13. Reverse procedure to install.


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