1997 Saturn shakes when I’m on the freeway

Saturn SC

My car often shakes when I’m on the freeway in a pattern, then stops. Unless I’m using cruise control, then it doesn’t happen at all. What could this be?

Most common reason would be the tires. They can be out of balance or have a busted belt. See if you feel it more in the steering wheel or in the seat. Then rotate the tires front to back and test. If it moves then you know for certain it is in the tires.


2 thoughts on “1997 Saturn shakes when I’m on the freeway”

  1. That was my first thought as well but the fact that it doesn’t happen all the time makes me question that. It just started again today after not doing it at all over the weekend
    Plus never doing it when I use cruise control- which makes no sense at all to me.
    I don’t feel it in the seat at all, in the steering wheel a little bit, mostly in the front end.
    I don’t know the anatomy of a car enough to know if there’s some direct connection between the accelerator and whatever could be shaking under the hood.

  2. It would be an easy test to rotate the tires and test drive. Process of elimination and all. It may be at a particular speed only, and that would be more of a balance issue. But still tire related.

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