1979 Toyota Celica Supra No Start

1979 Toyota Supra

I’ll try to lay this all out as quickly as I can.

I bought the car cheap as a non runner. Actually, it would run, but only for a few minutes and then stall. Starter fluid would get it to run again but only for a few seconds. So it’s a fuel issue. Noid light showed that injectors were firing.

The car had a new fuel pump, so someone already tried that and it didn’t work, and the pump is very noisy. But the filter looked original, so I put a fuel filter on it. That helped quite a bit. The car runs and drives. But when I fill the tank and drive for a bit, the no start condition returns. And the pump is still very noisy. I thought that maybe the plugged fuel filter ruined the new pump, so I put another new pump on, but it too is noisy.

No start is only with a full tank

The no start is only with a full tank. And there is a good bit of pressure in the tank. I was going to check the pick up in the tank again, but as soon as I pulled the return line, pressurized fuel started shooting out. I got the hose back on and took the gas cap off. It vented quite a bit of pressure.

I figured EVAP, so today I drove it for a bit, and pulled the hose off the charcoal canister, but no pressure was released. I took off the cap and a little pressure was released, but not a ton. But the tank is no longer completely full. The gas cap is new, and there is evidence that fuel was leaking from the old cap.

I think that’s it. Thanks in advance for any help.

Does the no start go away if you leave the gas cap off?

Before you mentioned that it only happens with a full tank of gas my thoughts were leaning toward a failing ignition control module. This is a common failure component that tends to stop working when warmed up. Once the car stalls if you let it cool for a while it will start back up.

The next time it won’t start maybe check for no spark condition.


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