2017 Honda Accord Battery Problems

2017 Honda Accord

2017 Honda Accord Coupe. Car stored 2 winters. Spring 2018 – When I went to put car back on road, trouble with car not starting. I demanded and got a new battery.

Spring 2019 – Car okay when I put it back on the road. But in October 2019, the car started having battery trouble and I had to keep calling roadside assistance. Honda dealer said it was because I don’t drive the car enough to charge the battery. Last year after I got the new battery, I didn’t have any more problems until October. So this tells me the battery is the problem. It seems they only last about a year. I need a dependable car. Am I being unreasonable?

If you are in the habit of leaving the car sit for long periods of time you should consider purchasing a battery maintainer. This will keep the battery fully charged and cause the battery to have a longer life. I personally use the “Battery Tender” brand with great success. It comes with plug and play connections. You can just plug it in the wall, plug it into the connector attached to the battery and leave it for as long as you like without worrying about the battery going dead.

Why is my battery draining?

When the vehicle sets for long periods it is normal for the battery to be weakened. The Clock draws battery power constantly and some GPS equipped vehicles will draw even more. The battery gets charged from the alternator when the vehicle is driven. So if the car does not get driven often the battery will weaken.