Transmission Fluid Change 2008 Nissan Altima

Nissan Altima

Should I have a transmission fluid flush on my 2008 Nissan Altima?
It has 76500 miles on it or 123000 km.
Is it safe to have this done or will it ruin the car?
I’ve been reading conflicting information on the internet.

Should I change my Transmission Fluid?

Manufacturer Recommended Service – Automatic CVT Transaxle Fluid

  • Inspect every 15,000 miles

There is no mention of changing the fluid in the manufacturers maintenance schedule. Though it only goes out to 120,000 miles.

A little more digging into the subject lead me to a TSB ( Technical Service Bulletin) put out by the manufacturer regarding special transmission fluid April 28, 2008. In short it will void any chance of warranty if you use the wrong transmission fluid(or can’t prove you did).

It would be my personal recommendation not to have the fluid changed unless otherwise advised by a Nissan Manufacturer Dealer.

TSB# NTB08-049

NISSAN; Special automatic transmission fluid requirement

Applied Vehicles: 2004 to current Nissan vehicles

Service Information

If Warranty repairs are being done on a transmission listed in the chart below, the listed fluid must be used. A claim to Nissan for warranty, service contract, or goodwill repairs to the transmissions listed below may be denied if Genuine Nissan ATF/CVT fluid is not used as specified by the part # in this bulletin.

If Customer Pay service or repair of the transmissions listed below is done, the fluid type listed in the chart below must be used. Nissan recommends the Genuine Nissan ATF/CVT fluid part # listed below be used.

Parts Information