How to Replace Wheel Stud On 1998 Honda Accord

Honda Accord

We are trying to figure out how to replace the front wheel studs on a 1998 Honda Accord EX, but all methods we’ve seen described so far involve a grinding, but we do not have one, nor wish to purchase one. Since it is continuously referred to as “the grinding method”, that would seem to imply there are OTHER methods as well, correct? I mean, Honda couldn’t possibly have designed these Accords to only be able to replace the wheel lug nut studs on them by taking a grinder to them, right? lol

You are correct, there is another method for replacing the wheel stud. It is the method of doing it “the right way”. If the manufacturer didn’t want all the material on the wheel stud they would have made the studs already cut. All the grinding will weaken the stud and I do not recommend it.


Replacing the front wheel lug stud

Replacing a front wheel lug stud will require removal of the front steering knuckle from the vehicle and replacement of the axle nut. In addition to replacing the axle nut, on some Accord models, the front wheel bearing must be replaced, as the front hub is pressed into the bearing. On these models, the hub must be pressed out of the bearing to allow enough room for the wheel lug stud to be removed from and installed into the hub.

To replace a front wheel lug stud proceed as follows:

  1. Remove the front knuckle assembly. For specific details, refer to the procedure in this section.
  2. On 1996–97 Accord models, press the front hub out of the wheel bearing assembly.On some models of the Accord you may have to unbolt the hub sub-assembly from the knuckle.
  3. Place the back side of the hub squarely over a suitable deep well impact socket just large enough to clear the button head of the stud.
  4. Using a hydraulic press, or a suitable ball peen hammer, drive the stud out of the hub into the socket.To install:
  5. Place the front side of the hub flush with the deep well socket used for removal. Make sure the socket is deep enough to ensure that the threaded portion of the stud will not contact the bottom of the socket when it is fully installed.
  6. Drive the threaded portion of the stud though the back of the hub until the button head portion of the stud bottoms on the hub.

7.On 1996–97 Accord models:

1.Replace the wheel bearing. For specific details, follow the bearing removal and installation procedures in this section.

2.Press the hub into the wheel bearing assembly.

8.If the hub sub-assembly was removed, install it onto the knuckle.

9.The balance of the installation procedure is the reverse of removal, noting the following points:

◦For every stud replaced, use a new wheel lug nut. Torque the lug nuts to 80 ft. lbs. (108 Nm).

◦Install a new axle nut and torque the nut to 181 ft. lbs. (245 Nm), then stake the nut.

For Reference Only – The Grinding Method Video