1994 Ford F-350 7.3l IDI will not crank or click

Ford F350

My 94 f350 will not start with the key , all of the gauges and glow plugs will turn on when I turn it to the on position but will not crank or click , But with the key on I can jump the fender solenoid and it will start up fine .

While you have someone hold the ignition key in the “START” position check for battery positive at the “S” terminal on the starter solenoid using a multi-meter.

When battery positive is seen at the “S” terminal with ignition key in the “START” position it proves the ignition switch, neutral safety switch and wiring harness are good. At this point you have narrowed it down to a faulty Starter Solenoid.

Starter Solenoid Replacement

  1. Disconnect the positive battery cable from the battery terminal. With dual batteries, disconnect the connecting cable at both ends.
  2. Remove the nut securing the positive battery cable to the relay.
  3. Remove the positive cable and any other wiring under that cable.
  4. Tag and remove the push-on wires from the front of the relay.
  5. Remove the nut and disconnect the cable from the starter side of the relay.
  6. Remove the relay attaching bolts and remove the relay.
  7. Installation is the reverse of removal.

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