D4 indicator light comes 1995 Honda Odyssey LX


D4 indicator light comes on when ignition is turned on (does NOT blink); goes off in a few seconds or as soon as the engine is started. All the online comments I have found relate to the D4 light blinking. Any clues as to the light being on without blinking for only a few seconds? Car drives normally and I don’t notice any difference in transmission operation (I’ve been driving this car since early 2007).

Yes it would seem that there are more instances with the D4 light flashing than the D4 light just coming on. But in just about all cases the issue has to do with a fault in the transmission computer. Since the light goes out quickly, i do not think you are quite at the point of needing to repair it just yet. The ol’ “Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke” bit comes to mind.

D4 indicator light staying on video – FIXED