Headlight alignment Kia Cee’d 3 2012 Estate

2012 KIA Rio

I am importing my Kia Cee’d 3 CRDi 1.6 SW 2012 Estate from the UK to Spain and need to either change the direction of my headlights or convert them to flat beam. Is this possible for headlight alignment or do I need replacement headlights please.

I do not have specific information on the Cee’d but the KIA Rio is pretty close. So I was able to look up the headlight adjustment procedure for that specific vehicle. Should be the same. Adjustment requires some upfront preparation so I will list that along with the headlight adjustment procedure.

2012 KIA Rio Headlight Alignment


The vehicle may have a visual optical headlight aiming system. The aim has been preset at the factory and should need no further adjustment. However, if the vehicle is damaged in an accident, the headlamp aim may be affected and adjustment may be required.

  1. Vehicle should be placed so headlights are 25 feet from a light colored wall or other flat surface.
  2. The Vehicle must have all four tires on a perfectly level surface which is level to wall or other flat surface.
  3. Vehicle should be placed so it is perpendicular to wall or other flat surface.
  4. Vehicle should not have any snow, ice or mud on it.
  5. The Vehicle should be fully assembled and all other work stopped while headlight aiming is being done.
  6. Vehicle should be normally loaded with a full tank of fuel and one person or 160 lbs. on drivers seat.
  7. Tires should be properly inflated.


Caution: Do not cover a headlamp to improve beam cutoff when aiming. Covering a headlamp may cause excessive heat build up which may cause damage to the headlamp.
Headlamp aiming is done with the vehicles low beam headlamps. The high beam headlamps will be correctly aimed if the low beam headlamps are aimed properly.

  1. Find aim dot on lens of low beam lamp.
  2. Measure distance from ground to aim dot on light (1), Fig. 1. Record distance.
  3. At wall or other flat surface, measure from ground upward, recorded distance from step 2, and draw or tape a horizontal line (2), Fig. 1.
  4. Turn on low beam headlights and place a portion of cardboard, or equivalent, in front of headlight not being aimed. This should allow only beam of light from headlight being aimed to be seen on flat surface.
  5. Adjust vertical headlight adjustment screw until righthand gradient line (cutoff line) is set at horizontal axis within +/- 2 inches, measured at 25 feet.
  6. Verify proper aim location.
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for opposite headlight.
Fig. 1 Headlight Alignment