Could there be blockage in the engine 2008 Nissan Micra


HI there,

I have recently changed the oil in my car and whilst the engine turns on and revs, the car does not actually move. Thinking it may be the oil filter I then changed that as well as flushing oil through twice more. My problem is that there seems to be a blockage somewhere as the oil I’m putting in is not coming out!! I also took off the oil drip tray to see if there may be a blockage in there… still no more oil came out. I reckon I’ve put at least 4 litres of oil in 2008 Nissan Mirca and probably only 1.5 litres has come out of the car. Could there be a blockage elsewhere that I could potentially unblock on my own?

Thanks 🙂

Sure. Many engines get build up in the top of the cylinder head underneath the valve cover. There are oil return passages that allow the oil to flow back down into the oil pan. If these passages were blocked it would restrict the flow.