1957 Chevy pick up truck wiring diagram

1957 chevy truck

need wiring diagram for ingnition and light switch

Do not have one available as it is too old and not in our resources. Found this on Pinterest, hope it helps get you what you need.

3 thoughts on “1957 Chevy pick up truck wiring diagram”

  1. 1957 chevy pick up 3100 series
    would like to know were the wirers come from and go to
    1. ignition switch
    2. headlights
    3. blinker

  2. thank you , for your help but I need to know were the wires come from
    that power the headlight, ignition switch and blinker system.
    I am trying to wirer up a 1957 chevy truck 3100 series.
    If you can just tale me that would help alot.
    thanks again

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