Rear hatch glass 2007 BMW X3

2007 BMW X3

How to replace rear hatch glass. Particularly, how do I remove the body part above the glass, so I can get to the glass?

Should just pop off if you do not see any screws or retainers. May need to use a stiff flat removal tool(shown below). This will help you to get underneath the trim and lift up and prevent damage to it.



1.Remove trim for rear lid.
2.Disconnect all plug and socket cable connections on rear lid.
3.Open screws (1) on rear lid hinge to rear lid, Fig. 1.4.Remove trunk lid.


Reverse procedure to install.


1.Release screws (1) on rear lid hinge to rear lid so that rear lid can still be moved, Fig. 2.
2.If adjustment range is not enough, also slacken screws (2), Fig. 2.
3.Adjust rear lid.4. Retighten all screws.