No Start 1993 Ford Ranger 4 Cylinder

1993 Ford Ranger

Drove truck to gas station. After fill up I got no power at all when turning the key. The truck started with a jump and continued to run after disconnecting the jumper cables. But after turning off the truck and trying to start, I got no power. It is a 1993 Ford Ranger 4 Cylinder.

A battery issue sounds like. Either the battery is faulty and needs to be replaced or the battery cables/cable ends are not allowing a good connection. If the battery is 4years old or older it is most likely the battery if you do not have loose or corroded battery cable ends. Being that it is over 20 years old I would make sure the battery cable themselves are also in good working order.

This is of course if there is NO POWER like you said. Meaning the radio doesn’t work, the lights don’t work, etc.

So, if you do have some power but the engine does not crank it could just be something different as well. It could be a starter or starter relay issue. But if you follow the link provided the no start diagnostic chart will take you through the necessary steps to properly diagnose the issue and discover the cause. I will provide you with a wiring diagram of the starting system below.

1993 Ford Ranger 2.3L Engine Starting System Wiring Diagram

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