Hyundai Veloster Code P073F won’t shift

2015 Hyundai Veloster Base

Hello! My car has 152,000 miles and I’ve regularly kept up with maintenance. Fully synthetic oil changed every 5k miles. It is a 2015 Hyundai Veloster Base. Dual-Clutch Transmission. A month ago got a brand new battery and alternator. My owners manual regarding the transmission says:

-Checking 6-speed automatic transmission fluid:
The automatic transmission does not have a transmission fluid dipstick. Refer to your scheduled maintenance information for scheduled intervals for fluid checks and changes. Your transmission does not consume fluid.

I’ve recently experienced intermittent issues with the transmission failing to engage 1st gear from a stop. I have a code P073F as well as P0420 that’s been intermittent for months. (I know that’s the cat converter) The engine revs but does not accelerate at all from a stop on occasion. It happened three times in the week.

Also have issues with clutch (DCT) overheating. When this occurs, I will see the current gear that I am in (usually D but it has occurred in all others except P, N, and R) begins to flash (usually three times) with a chime warning noise. Restarting the vehicle resolves the issue occasionally.

Then, a few days ago, after coming off of the highway I was no longer to get the car to go faster than around 20 to 30 mph and began to hear a loud clanking/metallic sound seemingly from the engine. The gear indicator began blinking rapidly and continued to blink in every gear in D as well as S and even when I put the vehicle in park. After turning it off and waiting about 10 mins I turned it on and the “P” was no longer blinking. Decided to test driving it through the parking lot and began blinking again pretty much as soon as it shifted gears and began to hear a metallic noise again.

I suppose I must’ve assumed that it being a closed-circuit or “sealed” transmission meant there wasn’t maintenance to be done on it. However, I am now wondering if the issues I’ve been experiencing could potentially be due to the fact that I’ve never had the transmission serviced.

Thank you in advance for your advice 🙂

In short, if you are hearing a metallic noise, something bad has happened. As long as the fluid level is full not much else you could have done to prevent it from happening. Now the long version with all the technical jargon added.

Hyundai Maintenance schedule recommends Inspecting the Transmission fluid level at 37,500 miles for both the 6 speed manual and the 6 speed automatic dual-clutch. This is to take place again at 75,000 miles and so on. Not one mention of every changing the fluid up to 200,000 miles anyway. I didn’t look past that mark.

Automatic Transmission Fluid Level Inspection W/No Dipstick


Remove fill plug, fill with fluid until oil level reaches the specified level near fill plug(9).

Hyundai Code P073F

Code P073F Description

Unable to Engage Gear 1

Code will set when the gear is not correctly engaged.

Code P073F Possible Causes

  • Voltage at the Shift Motor less than 2V
  • Faulty Shift Motor

More technical information can be found in the online auto repair manual


Without hearing the metallic noise I think you may have been able to have a shift motor replaced and transmission flash relearned. But since you are hearing metallic noises now. I think you are potentially looking at needing a new or rebuilt transmission.