Opel / Vauxhall Crossland 2018 struggles uphill

Vauxhall Crossland 2018

My Crossland struggles uphill. Is there a problem or is it a feature of the weak engine (82PS)?

Sounds like there may be a problem. Have any existing engine trouble codes pulled. These codes can help diagnose the issue. May be time for a good tune up. What is the odometer reading? You can check your maintenance schedule in the owners manual to see if this is a service that is needed or past due.

Did you mean each cylinder only has 82 PSI?

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  1. Hi there and thanks for your response!
    There is no any error message on the dashboard or on the trip computer. 82PS is the engine power, eqivalent to 60kW. It may be that I am not used to a weaker engine and it feels like there is no enough power uphill. Annual service has been recently done, but in a larger workshop, which I used for the first time, so I don’t know about their reliability.
    How can I check all the potential issues that might cause lower output power without being robbed in workshops?

  2. With no error codes ,and believe me you PCM picks up ALL drivability issues, you probably suffering from an extremely lethargic powerplant. Remember on most vehicles that great MPG comes at a cost. How long have you owned this vehicle.

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