2007 G2500 Chevy Express Dash Wiring Diagrams

2007 chevy 2500 express

Greetings, I’m rebuilding a 2007 G2500 Chevy Express, &after having the frame straightened,… The Dash cluster, gauges, chimes, & radio would would come on & off., when the brake pedal is pushed.
This did not happen prior to the frame work, & I’m suspecting that a”Ground” is compromised, or broke. Do you have the “Ground locations”, as well as wiring diagrams related to this issue?

Instrument Panel Cluster Ground Distribution Wiring Diagrams


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  1. Thank You Sir!

    Correct me if I am wrong,but the #350 & #351 ground terminals, are
    located behind the plastic panel/ “kickpad”, below the dash, & to the left of the brake pedal?

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