Ford Explorer is Stuck in 4×4


4×4 will not shift back into 2wd. I have tried everything. I’m guessing now, 4×4 actuator.
Can i get help, suggestions. It is a 2002 Ford Explorer Sport.

Here are a couple of things to consider. First check for any stored check engine light codes. These codes can really help pinpoint a faulty circuit. Second, are you trying to shift out of 4H or 4L? The reason I ask is that if you are shifting from 4WD low, three conditions MUST be met.

  1. The automatic transmission must be in neutral or manual clutch depressed
  2. The brake must be applied and brake switch activated
  3. The vehicle speed must be less than 3 mph

This vehicle is equipped with an Electronic Shift Motor. The motor assembly and connector, mounted externally on the transfer case cover operates an electric shift cam which moves the lockup fork to the selected vehicle drive position. An integral position sensor provides information to the electronic module on the current position.

Blown Fuse

Is it possible that a simple blown fuse would cause an issue? Of course. So I took a look at the wiring diagram of the transfer case assembly. And I see 4 fuses on the diagram. So check them all(see diagram).

2002 ford explorer sport transfer case wiring diagram
2002 Ford Explorer Sport transfer case wiring diagram

3 thoughts on “Ford Explorer is Stuck in 4×4”

  1. I took my front drive shaft off my 2002 Ford Explorer Sport. 4×4 was not working properly. Do I have to manually disengage the 4×4 in my front axel? Because it is still making notices and sounds and feels like it’s the drive shaft but it is gone. Also I have drove with my emergency brake on several times for long distances. Would that cause the noise and the clunging noice?

  2. Driving for long distances with the park brake can most certainly cause some issues and unwanted noises. Would be an excellent idea to have them looked at. I think your front axles are active all the time.

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