Air conditioning was just blowing air around

2008 E92 BMW 330i

After not driving my car for 3 months, I had a 6-hour drive and the air conditioning was just blowing air around, not cold. I assumed that I just needed to regas the system. I went and got a free pressure check and apparently the low pressure side was showing 58psi. Also, the air con doesn’t smell bad at all. That’s all the information I currently have, would appreciate if you are able to let me know any potential causes of the issue. It is a 2008 E92 BMW 330i. Thanks, Harry.

Only Hot air blows out the dash when I turn the Air Conditioning on.

This is usually caused by a failing or failed Blend Door Actuator. The Actuator is usually located deep in the dash and attached to the hot/cold blend door. The most common fix is to simply have it replaced. Of course this is after you have made certain that the rest of your air conditioning system is functioning properly. Listen for the AC Compressor to click in and out and feel the accumulator for cold temperatures. These are signs of a normal operating AC System.

Air Conditioner blows warm air

  1. Air conditioner system is discharged. Have the system evacuated, charged and leak tested by an MVAC certified technician, utilizing approved recovery/recycling equipment. Repair as necessary.
  2. Air conditioner compressor clutch not engaging. Check compressor clutch wiring, electrical connections and compressor clutch, and repair or replace as necessary.
  3. Electronic Blend Door Actuator is not functioning which would only allow warm air to pass through vents. The AC lines going into the firewall would be cold if this is the case. Most common to replace actuator.

How to recharge your air conditioning

Step by step instructions on how to recharge your air conditioning system yourself. Why not do it yourself, whatch how easy it is in the video. I made it while recharging the air conditioning system in my girlfriends 2004 Ford Ranger with R134a recharge kit.

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