Dec 022010

just bought a 1997 geo tracker and when you start the car the ignition coil fuse blows and now it cranks but w on’t start, I have the hot wire it blows out the fuse plus the other problem is it blew out the computer, there was a burning smell.  I looked at the wires at the fuse box and there was no problem.  is there a way to fix it without fixing the whole problem, don’t want to take the dash board out, the car is supposed to leave for out of the country tommorow and would like a quick fix, if there is one, thansk

Feb 022010

I drive a 1996 geo tracker 16 valve 1.6 liter. I live on a small island where the engine never really warms up. The egr tube becomes restricted with a gummy carbony sludge about every 1000 miles. There is very little blow by. Has anyone attempted to insulate the erg tube in an attempt to keep it hot and reduce condensation of exhaust?