May 292017

1993 Pontiac Grand AmWhen it sets at idle it is fine. But when I start to back up the driveway it starts missing real bad and blows black smoke.

Black smoke is an indication of fuel that did not get burned. The engine miss may have something to do with this. The best approach would be to check for any existing check engine light codes that may have been stored. These codes can point us in the right direction. Fortunately the 1993 Pontiac is an OBD I system. This means we are able to pull the Pontiac Codes without a scan tool. Once you have pulled the codes post them below in the comments for more information.

May 292017

2006 Honda CivicGrey Sludge

I have a Honda Civic 2006 lx with1.8 lit engine and millage is 243000KM.
What could cause gray sludge to end up in my coolant overflow and on radiator cap.I think stuck on cap when pass from radiator to tank. I cleaned tank and check a every 2 month almost 1 or 2 inches collects. Thank you

It is possible that along the way someone has put some additive in the cooling system. If you are unsure you may want to flush the radiator.

You can flush the system and then test it to see if it returns or not. If the sludge is not from an additive then it is a good thing you have found it. Now you just have to flush out the system to get rid of the gray sludge. Purchase a radiator flush kit and liquid flush from you local auto parts store. I will provide links below as well for online purchase. The Flush kit should come with instructions to follow on how to install it. Just make sure the engine has had a chance to cool down before installing the kit. After you have installed the kit, put the liquid flush in and drive around with the heater on. This will insure that the flush gets into all the different water jackets and heater core. Follow the instructions and flush. Be sure to drain the radiator from the radiator drain plug. Use new coolant to refill when done.


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May 252017


  • C = Check
  • E = Engine Light
  • L = Light


May 242017

Volvo 960Where do the wires that lead to the spark plug lead back to, i know they go from the plug back to the coil then where do they lead to after that?

Volvo Ignition Module

The power stage on the REX-1 and EZ129K systems is combined with the ignition coil into a single unit (Power Stage/Ignition Coil). The ignition coil and power stage are an assembly.

Volvo refers to the ignition control module as the power stage.

On the EZ 115 K and EZ 116 K Systems the the ignition module and coil are separate.

Volvo ignitin module

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  2. Unplug the power stage connector.
  3. Unfasten the mounting bolt(s) from the retaining bracket, then remove the ignition coil and power stage.
    To install:
  4. Install the coil and power stage and tighten the retaining bolts.
  5. Plug in the power stage connector.
  6. Connect the negative battery cable.

Fuel pump isn’t buzzing 2002 Chevy Tahoe

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May 232017

Chevy TahoeJust put a fuel pump on 2002 Tahoe. The fuel pump was working when I first put it on but still wouldn’t crank. Now the dash board has went out. Attempting to get started now. When I turn the key, the only thing it shows is a check engine light. But the gauges won’t move, the message board doesn’t light up and the fuel pump isn’t buzzing any more. I need help I’m out of answers

Fuel pump isn’t buzzing

First thing to do would be to make certain the battery is fully charged. A weak battery can lead to confusion during diagnostics from false readings. So, charge the battery or replace it with one that is fully charged before continuing with your diagnostics.

May 192017

2011 Ford FiestaWhat are labor hours to replace transmission connector Part #AE8Z-7G276-A.

I have located the part and it appears to be a wiring harness. I do not show the hours in the labor guide. Generally electrical work is performed by the hour. However I can provide you with this. It only takes 6 hours to remove and reinstall the entire transmission. So the hours had best be well below that.

Transmission connector Part #AE8Z-7G276-A

transmission connector Part #AE8Z-7G276-A

May 192017

Chevy TrailblazerEngine surges under medium acceleration, no mil light. Bad distributor gear?

Surges under medium acceleration

My thought would be more fuel related. Remove the air filter and test. If you see a change then you know it is fuel related. Concentrate on that area. Replace fuel filter, air filter and move to high octane at a different station at the next fill up.

May 132017

1997 Dodge Ram 1500My air wont blow thru vents

Either your vents are blocked, disconnected or the blower motor is not coming on. If it is the blower motor that is not coming on at all you may need to replace the blower motor and or the blower motor resistor.

If you find the blower motor working, the temperature blend door actuator  or the door itself may be at fault.


When the ignition switch is in the RUN position, circuit C11 from the blower motor relay provides voltage to the blower motor.

From the blower motor, circuit C7 splices to the blower motor resistor and the A/C-Heater control switch.

The ground path for the blower motor is through the circuits that connect from the blower motor resistor block and then through the fan switch in the A/C-heater controls to circuit Z3. The blower motor resistor block consists of three resistors connected in series.

Each resistor in blower motor resistor block is spliced to the fan switch on separate circuits; C4, C5, C6, and C7. Depending on fan switch position, voltage passes through one or more resistors to ground. Blower motor fan speed is controlled by the number of resistors voltage passes through to ground.

When the fan switch is in the LOW position, circuit C4 provides the ground path. In the M1 position, circuit C5 provides ground. In the M2 position, the ground path is through circuit C6. Circuit C7 provides path for ground when the switch is in the HIGH position.


The blower motor resistor is mounted to the heater-A/C housing, under the instrument panel and just inboard of the blower motor. It can be accessed without removing any other components.

The resistor has multiple resistor wires, each of which will change the resistance in the blower motor ground path to change the blower motor speed. The blower motor switch directs the ground path through the correct resistor wire to obtain the selected blower motor speed.

With the blower motor switch in the lowest speed position, the ground path for the motor is applied through all of the resistor wires. Each higher speed selected with the blower motor switch applies the blower motor ground path through fewer of the resistor wires, increasing the blower motor speed. When the blower motor switch is in the highest speed position, the blower motor resistor is bypassed and the blower motor receives a direct path to ground.

The blower motor resistor cannot be repaired and, if faulty or damaged, it must be replaced.

May 122017

2006 Ford F150A day after I had the 4wheel drive actuator on the passenger side replaced. I was driving along and the front end started shaking like a tire was about to come off. By the time I pulled over it was just a steady vibration. Now when I hit any kind a bump I can feel it in the steering wheel and the pedals. I’ve put all new tires and alignment, both front wheel bearings, brakes and rotors and sway bar links on with no change. I took it to our local Ford garage where they told me everything in the front end is tight and in good working order. Please help

This is one that is just going to have to be looked at. You may want to take it to a different shop and get a new look with fresh eyes.