Mar 132017

2001 Mercury Grand MarquisEngine cruising along, Trac. Control light starts flashing, engine bogs down loosing power. Also can be cold start, take off, Trac. Control light starts flashing, engine bogs down, no power. It is a 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis 4.6L GS.


Traction Control Light Flashing

Something you may want to try in the meantime. Turn the traction control off before you start driving and see if it keeps the traction control light flashing from occurring.

My Research came upon this:

I have run into the coils on the spark plugs causing that very concern. You will need to have a coil-on-plug stress test done. And the Ford dealership has the proper tools to perform this test. The coils when the start to fail, will cause what we refer to as a RF frequency that will cause that very concern. I also had this happen to my fathers 2000 Grand Marquis. I discovered this after replacing the ABS module at the cost of $250.00. I found 4 bad coils that would cause the ABS and Traction Control light to come on the vehicle would stall and/or run rough on acceleration at 30-50 mph. Have some one do this test and this will fix your problem. Do not replace all 8 coils, unless you have the money. Only replace the ones that fail during the stress test.

Mar 062017

Mercury Grand MarquisI think I have a blown spark plug, I heard a pop then my engine got loud, the noise and a strong air flow is blowing up from over the spark plugs area on the passenger side. Do I have a blown spark plug?


It sure sounds like you do have a blown plug. Simply replacing the spark plug should take care of the issue if just the porcelain part came out. Otherwise there may be damage to the threads if the entire plug blew out.

Feb 012017

2004 Mercury MontereyThe passenger window will not go up or down. It worked off and on for a while but now it stopped. It does not work from either door rocker switch (driver / passenger)


Window Motor Failure

You will need to have the window motor and regulator assembly replaced. They come together as one component. I have found trying to replace them separately ends up being more of a hassle. It also take more time.

Window Motor Replacement

  1. Remove the front door trim panel.
  2. Position the watershield aside.
  3. Remove the parts int he order indicated in the following illustration and table.

window motor replacement diagram

Jan 102017

1999 Mercury TracerI put new ignition coil in it, and still when there is humidity in the air or raining it will not run. Wont start in rain.

I have a 99 mercury tracer with 203,000 miles on it, just put a new ignition coil on it and new plugs and wires, but every time there is moisture in the air or it is raining, the car will not run, it starts just fine, but once I try to drive, it will not keep running. If it is dry out, it runs just fine, but not with moisture in air. Why will my car not run when there is moisture in the air?


Moisture or water is getting on part of an exposed portion of the ignition system. You have done the first best thing by replacing the spark plugs, wires and coil. Now that you know those components are not at fault try something different. Get a can of WD-40. The WD stands for Water Displacement. Pull the plug wires up and spray the boots with WD-40 and reinstall. Make sure there is no moisture around the spark plugs before installing.


Sometimes the technician will discover leaking valve cover seals around the spark plugs causing engine oil to accumulate in the spark plug wells. Your engine has a Distributorless Ignition System (DIS), so there’s no distributor cap or rotor. Once the spark plug wires and connections are known good, then you diagnose the coil pack and ignition module that controls the input to the coil pack. There are also crank and cam sensor inputs to your computer that could be failing. It costs money to properly troubleshoot these possibilities rather than just start replacing parts hoping to fix the problem. You may end up burning your starter motor up and causing other damage if you don’t get this fixed. Start by removing the spark plug wires at the spark plugs and see if there’s any engine oil on the boots. If so, fix that problem first.

Source: bobweb

Dec 162016

1994 Mercury TopazI bought my 1994 Mercury Topaz V4 Automatic about a month ago. Once I pulled the codes and it had a code P0158 for the MAF sensor. I replaced the MAF sensor, air filter, PCV, and fuel filter. When I was on the freeway today and I noticed it was making this exaggerated revving sound after 60 mph. Then it slowly and consistently lost speed. I immediately got off the freeway in time to coast into the gas station as it cut off. Then when I tried to restart it, it won’t turn over. Help!


Won’t Turn Over

The good news is I do not think the MAF sensor you installed has anything to do with the engine not turning over. The issue you described sounds like the alternator is no longer charging the battery and the engine ran off the battery for as long as it could and then quit. A dead battery is the most common reason for an engine not to turn over. However there are other possibilities. You’ll find a no start diagnostic chart to follow from this page.

Mercury Code P0158 – O2 Sensor Circuit High Voltage Bank 2 Sensor 2

P0158 Ford Description

The heated oxygen sensor 2 (HO2S), after three way catalyst (manifold), monitors the oxygen level in the exhaust gas on each bank. For optimum catalyst operation, the air fuel mixture (air-fuel ratio) must be maintained near the ideal stoichiometric ratio. The HO2S output voltage changes suddenly in the vicinity of the stoichiometric ratio. An Engine Control Module (ECM) adjusts the fuel injection time so that the air-fuel ratio is nearly stoichiometric. The HO2S generates a voltage between 0.1 and 0.9 V in response to oxygen in the exhaust gas. If the oxygen in the exhaust gas increases, the air-fuel ratio becomes Lean. The ECM interprets Lean when the HO2S voltage is below 0.45 V. If the oxygen in the exhaust gas decreases, the air-fuel ratio becomes Rich. The ECM interprets Rich when the HO2S voltage is above 0.45 V.

Code P0158 Possible Causes

– Faulty Rear Heated Oxygen Sensor Bank 2
– Rear Heated Oxygen Sensor Bank 2 harness is open or shorted
– Rear Heated Oxygen Sensor Bank 2 circuit poor electrical connection
– Inappropriate fuel pressure
– Faulty fuel injectors
– Intake air leaks
– Exhaust gas leaks

Nov 242016

2001-Mercury Cougar2001 Mercury 6 cyl oil light flickers on and off. It has new oil and has done this since last yr. I went through the car wash and it stop flickering?


The engine oil light flickering is generally caused from a faulty oil pressure sending unit. The sending units tend to leak and cause pour connection to the attaching wires. Going through the car wash may have helped the connection for the time being. Ultimately I recommend replacing the oil pressure switch.

Oil Pressure Switch – Oil Light Flickering


NOTE: High output engine shown, base engine not equipped with oil cooler.

  1. Raise and support the vehicle.
  2. Disconnect the oil pressure switch electrical connector.
  3. Remove the oil pressure switch.

oil pressure switch location - oil light flickers

Nov 062016

2001 Mercury Grand MarquisMy alternator was grinding & needed to be replaced. Was on my way home to do just that & it died. Car had to be towed. Replaced the alternator, charged the battery & car would not start. It kind of made a small backfire sound or “poof” noise. I thought maybe the spark plugs got fouled, so I replaced those too. Charged the battery again & tried to restart the car. Nothing. It cranks, but does not seem to try & fire up? Checked the fuel pump reset in the trunk, but it was not tripped either. What else could be the issue? I need this car for work and any help is much appreciated. Thanks! My car has 120000 miles. My car has an automatic transmission.


The first thing to do would be to determine what it is not getting.

  • Spark
  • Fuel
  • Fuel injector pulse
  • Fuel pressure
Test for Spark

A quick test would be to spray starting fluid into the air filter and see if it wants to run on that. If it does, you know you have spark and some sort of fuel related issue.

Oct 102016

2002 Mercury SableWill oil stop leak stop an oil leak?


I would imagine the size of the leak and where it is leaking would play into it. But LUCAS makes an engine oil stop leak. It is formulated to renew worn seals with no risk of damage to the engine. The stop leak may be worth giving a try for small leaks. The price is right for a quick test. This additive complements the oil that is already in the engine. This make it nice so there is no need to drain any oil. Have read many great reviews on this product.

Aug 192016

2009 Mercury Grand MarquisNo door locks, not able to move mirror, no truck, not able to use outside touch pad, no dome light


Trunk fuse #2 7.5 amp feeds through the drivers door module and then to the trunk. Same Fuse is used for the mirrors. Same fuse is used for the Keyless entry pad and feeds the drivers door module.

So my educated guess would be to check the #2 fuse first.