Oct 182015

Looking to replace the engine found one but the person says the used engine “Engine has loose timing core engine $300” when asked what that means person said Lol what? Core means no good will need work basically, is this a good engine to invest in? What does it mean will need some work?
2004 Mercury Mountaineer

Oct 152015

I just had studded snow tires put on my car to get ready for winter. Now the handling is ” squirrely”, all over the road at highway speeds. I asked the tire dealer about this and was told that it is because I still have the all season tires on the front. I was told that if I put studded snows on the front as well, it would alleviate the problem and enhance the car’s handling. Is this true?
Thank you2001 Mercury Grand Marquis

Aug 012015

The check light engine was on when already purchased the car I would like to know what would happen to the car if water or bleach was put in the gas tank of a car whose check light engine was already on

Jul 272015

Hi I’m having this problem where my car had a dead spot in the throttle. No matter if it’s in park or drive or whatever, it runs perfectly fun before and after about a 1/4 throttle but when you hit that spot it just cuts out but passes it and is fine. It’s not intermittent it does it every time no matter what. I will give further info if needed but I just can’t figure it ou, any help would be appreciated thank you