Jul 232015

I drive a Mercury Mariner, it has 26000 mileages. When I drive on the highway, a wrench light and check engine light come on.. The wrench light goes off immediately. The engine light stay on about week. Neither light come on while driving around town..Only come on when I travel out of town. I want know if this a transmission problem..and how serious is it??

Jul 182015

Leaking power steering fluid behind passengers door .put new pump in checked all lines and hoes .wat else could be leaking power steering fluid behind the wheel.

Jul 132015

my message center does not let me see when things need to be one such as oil changes low gas. it works because when I am due foe oil change it dings I just cant see it message center is blank

Jun 092015

the headlights and dash lights flicker, like a candle would. replaced battery and alternator which did not fix the issue. stereo is unaffected. any suggestions would be appreciated.

May 272015

The engine sounds fine when accelerating and decelerating, I do regular oil and fluid maintenance. Now it sounds like a “tight”vibration or a deep whirring sound when the car accelerates during a climb or speed increase. Is it something loose or is it more serious? ¬†Could it be the muffler???

Apr 222015

I recently got a tune up and flushed my coolant/anti freeze. A week later my coolant light came back on the dashboard. Yesterday i drove about 13 miles and when i got home my car was smoking and i believe the coolant was leaking but not from the top maybe a hoes. Then today the car started over heating within 2 minutes of driving even after pouring water in the coolant. It stayed at medium heat when i drove 30 mph or less and didnt accelerate too quick. Do you know how i could fix this? And it is also making like a squeaking noise

Apr 152015

2002 mercury cougar
She starts and runs in park. And can drive in reverse. But when you put it in drive the windshield wipers come on, engine sputters then it dies.
V6 24 valve automatic

Apr 112015

I had a shop check my car out and they came to the conclusion it was my PCM so I priced it at ford they wanted 1200 for part and labor so I just went the cheaper route and got it from auto zone I gave my exact mileage and vin # I was told by the person that helped me I could just plug the new 1 in and it will crank and run so I tried it and car backfired so I called ford and come to find out I had to get the PCM programmed so I did and car cranked but shut off so they ran more test and found that due to the backfire it blew a hole in the intake manifold they want 1800 to fix but I’d rather bring it home and get my mechanic to change it for 150 and get the part from auto zone for 260 my question is could the problem with the intake manifold cause the car to start and then cut off?