Apr 032015

I changed rear brakes and rotors but after doing this I noticed drivers side rear wheel was wiggling in and out …when I looked I noticed that the part with an accordion looking rubber boot was really loose this part also has a gear on which I think is part of anti lock brake system..it attaches to the hub also I have to replace it but I don’t know what it is can you help me identify this part is it a axle shaft or cv joint..pleaase help me this is my only transportation and I can’t leave it like this and it is scary to drive it don’t want wheel to fall off …please help…THANK YOU

Apr 032015

I just had my timing belt repaid 2 weeks ago by gateway tire, It was fine until last sunday, when I was driving it made a funny clickky sound and then died. Now gateway got it back and has had it for 4 days now, they are trying to find out why it broke. Why do you think it might have broke, please help me, I’m lost.

Feb 222015

new battery new ignition coil plugs and wires. will start now and then. play with wire on starter solenoid and sometimes it will start. One click at starter relay and if under vehicle sometimes click on starter. Get it started turn key off and try again and click

Feb 172015

autozone says 2 different alternators and advance auto parts says 1. how many different alternators did the 2000 mercury cougar have and how do I know which one my car need?

Feb 072015

Sometimes when I start my car and begin to drive, it is very difficult to turn the steering wheel. But after I shut the car off and turn it back on, everything seems okay. Is there a situation that I need to be aware of?

Jan 292015

The car wont turn over. Changed the starter. Problem: car got overheated. Was 2 to 3 qrts. of oil short. Wasn’t knocking or throw but shut-down while I was driving. Is there a safety switch or relay that would shut-down that may need to be reset or a fuse that would blow in order to save the car from being destroyed mechanical wise.

Jan 162015

Okay, I just changed my oil, oil filter, and air filter today. After I was done and started my car to move it out the way. It wouldn’t start. Instead it makes this clicking sound when my key is in the on position (not running) and then when I try to start it, there is an even louder clicking sound coming from the engine. Also, none of the dash lights are working correctly. It is acting like a dead battery. I currently have a battery charger on it.
I nee help please.

This morning when leaving to work there wasn’t any problems starting or cranking up.