1991 Opel Vectra wont start by turning the key.

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Dec 292019

1991 Opel Vectra
Got a 1991 Opel Vectra which starts fine usually. But some days it wont start by just turning the key. Battery is new, tried hitting the start motor and also tested the electrical circuit all is fine. However when it wont start, i can put it in 2nd or 3rd gear then give it a bounce or a push. Then it starts. What could this be ?crankshaft sensor?

When you say it won’t start do you mean the engine will not turn over, click noise or nothing happens at all?

Nothing at all happens when you turn the key to “START”

Have someone hold the ignition key in the “START” position and check for battery positive voltage going to the “S” terminal on the starter. If Battery voltage is found and the starter also has a good negative ground, REPLACE THE STARTER. If no battery positive is found check the wiring in between the starter and the ignition switch. Make sure to test for voltage going to and from the neutral switch on the clutch pedal. Could be the clutch switch is faulty.


1999 Opel Frontera loses power

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Sep 142017

1999 Opel Frontera

Loses power

Hello, what could be the cause when I start the engine and press on the throttle hard it withdraws or loses power and sometimes turns off. It only works when I press on the throttle very gently until it revs fully. It also withdraws when I engage the gear and start driving. I cant press on the throttle with force. My car has a manual transmission.

Lack of fuel would be my first thought. If the check engine light is on, extracting the diagnostic trouble codes would be the best first approach to this issue.

There may be a failing sensor or a vacuum leak involved and getting the codes would assist in pointing in the right direction. Just about any local auto parts store will pull the codes for free. Once you have the codes, post them below in the comments.

Jan 032016

Won’t start when cold but if push starts easily also will start if I spray quick start after warm up starts easy wait 20minutes won’t start

Sep 212014

Hello! The floor on the back drivers side of my 2001 Astra is absolutely soaking wet. It happened one day that my car was flooded with water in the back of the driver seat aswell in the front to the pedals First the amount of water was big enough but after the sponge from the back of the pasanger seat and the floor sponge that is underneath got soaked with water. Its imposible for me to sqweeze the water from the sponge. Now its not leaking from nowhere its just the water that remained in the sponge. My question is how is that possible to find myself flooded with water only in the back and front of passager seat. Its seems that all water came from the back of the driver seat on the floor. What should i espect next that is going to happen? is this going to damage my car in the near future?

Jul 142012

Hi I wonder if u can help me with my opel astra 1.4 carb 1995 model?
I jump started my fathers Nissan Champ bakkie 2 days ago,one of the
Jumper cables toutched my distrubutor when my car just died.After that
I did not have power at my coil.I did replace the coil,ecu and had my
Distrubutor tested witch is working.A mecanic told me to take my alarm
System out witch is a Auto Watch 276 RLi.I took it out and still get no
Power to the coil or ecu or distubutor.Please help
Me I will be very glad.

Feb 082012

I was out this morning when my temperature gauge started climbing higher. It never hit the red but when i checked the level it was empty. The alternator belt was slipping so i suspect there is a water pump fault. However since topping it up there seems to be a huge leak when its running, it runs fine the water just seems to be pouring out somewhere behind the engine.

Can anyone give me any idea what could be leaking? I’ve checked the haynes manual but doesn’t show any breakdown of what cooling related components are on that side of the engine.

Sep 232010

opel corsa 2005 aircon,Gas is ok compressor switches on and off ,pipe from the compressor to the evaporator is cold but there is no

cold air only air hot blowing in the cab