1998 Chevy Blazer

I have 98 chevy s-10 blazer that shakes bad on front passenger side when I hit about 65mph. When engine is not running I can turn the steering wheel back and forth and can hear a clicking sound coming from passenger side. A buddy told me that it was a tie-rod end but want to make sure. What should I do.

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  1. Jack up the passenger front side so that the passenger wheel is off the ground. Make sure the steering wheel if locked with key off. Grab the passenger tire on each side and move it by pushing in on one side and pulling on the other, do this back and forth to check for play. You can repeat this on the other side as well.

    Another method is to have some one move the steering wheel back and forth with the tires on the ground while you lay on the ground looking at the tie rod movement to see if there is any play.

  2. if you shake it do the pushing on both side sit could also be the upper and or lower ball joints you can take it to a mech and they will tell you whats wrong with out repairing the problem.

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