2004 Dodge Ram – sever Vibration

Just bought  it, four dr with 52k miles, needed front brakes, front tires, front shocks which I just did to night. Took it out for a test drive and for the first time I really got on the gas . It has a terible vibration that resinates throught the whole truck when I kicked it down up to 60 mph until I let off.

When I drove it without kickin down the gas it was smooth, would this be broken motor or trans mounts or what???

 Any help would be great!!!



1 thought on “2004 Dodge Ram – sever Vibration”

  1. Did it vibrate before you put al this work into it? If not, recheck your work….

    Could be lots of things. Bad U-joints, Rear-end, Tires, Hub Bearings, Transfer case, etc. Not likely a mount as when you hit the gas it only moves once until you let off.

    This is one that will need to eliminate what its not to get to what it is. Would be nice if you have a lift, then you could safely lift it off the ground and have someone give it the gas while you look at the rotating parts.

    Here is a good read that might help: http://www.freeautomechanic.com/auto-repair.html

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