Aug 112011

my 2000reg vw bora cuts out when starting from cold, ive had a full service and timing belt done, problem remained, mechanic recommended electronic tuning, did that, still cutting out and odd time stalls when starting too reverse, any ideas please.

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  1. Is the vehicles Idle lower than normal.. if not it sounds like a clogged/sticking EGR Valve if equipped.

  2. yes, it was idle at around 500 rpms then after works done now idle at about 700rpms, still cuts out when cold, no problems after 2min of driving.

  3. Could be a sticking temp sensor, Is there any check engine light codes?

  4. no check light engine…. could it be the air filter control?? a friend mentioned it could be…

  5. or idle air control…engines not my strong point.

  6. check the auto transmission fluid level

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