97 dodge 2500 v10

Here is what it dose to me.  After warming up driving once on hill starts to sputter never stalling out with gas petal to floor will get going again.  Then will start to rev up and back down again (example tact is reading 2000 will jump up to 3000 for a second then back down again will repeat this for a few mins the stop and then start back again.  Will not do this until warm and so far have to be driving to start it.  Also trans will shift in strange places (going downhill will shift down and if I am starting out going up hill will take forever to change gears.

What I have tried changed trans filter and Transmission Control Solenoid. Have checked map and manifold intake  air intake sensor and the throttle placement sensor. So far the best resolute have been with throttle placement sensor first try drove ok wanted to try second time but will not drive without it connected now. Not sure what to try next or just replace the TPS?

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