99 Pontiac Grand Am overheating after intake repair

After replacing the intake hose and connector on my 99 Grand Am, it overheated when I test drove it.  About an hour later I started it for about 2 minutes.  A gurgling sound was under the dash board so I turned it off.  Now it acts as if the battery is dead.  No lights except on the floorboard.  It also has a ticking sound coming from around the glovebox. The floorboard isnt wet.  Any ideas as to why my car went dead?

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  1. Sounds like the coolant level wasn’t properly bled after the intake repair. There are small bleeder valves that have to be openned in order for coolant to flow properly. This would probably cure your overheating issues. Fill the radiator, fill the overflow tank, start engine crack bleeder valve(looks like a brake caliper bleeder)next to the thermostat and along that tube. make sure coolant comes out freely and then close. allow the engine to run long enogh to open the thermostat and then cool and top off coolant levels again.

    Now to look at your battery being dead. In most cases you will want to look at the last things your touched during your repair. In most cases the alternator gets left unplugged! I would check this first as it would keep the battery from being charged and give you a dead battery in the shortest amount of time.

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