1993 ford f150

my truck is vibrating in front end when im putting on brakes and while im driving

2 thoughts on “1993 ford f150”

  1. I would suspect your 1 of 3 things.
    1) Tires
    – If while driving at 15 mph or slower the steering wheel tends to move back and forth by itself then you have a busted belt in one of your front tires. Rotate them to the back and test again.

    2) Brake Rotors
    – Your brake rotors may be warped, any rotor that has more than .003 run-out is warped and should be turned or replaced.

    3) Wheel Bearings
    – Your wheel bearing may be loose or damaged and may need to be adjusted accordingly.

    The above is based on a 2WD truck, if it is 4WD you may need to jack up the front end and check your ball joints as well as the above mentioned.

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