2005 GMC Envoy XLT

I just had my transmission repaired and picked up vehicle yesterday afternoon. This morning there is HUGE puddle of tranny fluid underneath it. What could this mean?? I paid over $2000 and I am very upset over this. Don’t know if I should take it back to the same repair company to have fixed……(don’t have much confidence at this point) or would it be better to dispute the charge with my credit card company and take it somewhere else?

1 thought on “2005 GMC Envoy XLT”

  1. Of course take it back to the place you just paid. They may have installed a bad part and didn’t know it. But most importantly, you already paid them to fix it. I am certain they will look at it and if they have any kind of reputation, they will look at it at no further cost. Best to get it back to them ASAP. Taking it somewhere else would only VOID any kind of warranty you may have gotten with that repair.

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