Jan 272014

I hit a curb yesterday on the ice and it bent my rim, but I changed all the rims and tires, but it is still messed up, when I get up to the speed of 55 it starts sounding like rocks are coming out at 65 if I hit any lil’ bump it is hard it keep control of the car, and when I turn really sharp it grinds on something but I have the right size tires on it. So what could it be????

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  1. Alignment! your alignment is probably off because you have some bent components, possible a control arm or two. This would also allow for the tires to rub when the wheels are turned all the way. LOOK for further damage.

  2. check ur alignmaent first its alot cheaper than buying the parts first

  3. As well as the alignment, make sure that the wheels are correctly balanced.

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