May 212014

1) I have a1997 Park Avenue and I’m wondering why I hear a winding sound and vibration feel when I make a right hand turn? Please help me get to the bottom of this one. I have been using the process of elimination for over a year now and it’s getting quite expensive, as you might agree? 2) I am also having trouble shifting from third to 4rth “overdrive” on the highway. When I let off the gas and proceed to give it gas once again it winds quite loud. It seems to make the winding sound when I turn to the right in the least bit. No slipping in the transmission at all.

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  1. 1) first thought would be Hub Bearing but here is a good article to help you diagnose this specific issue:
    Diagnosing your Auto Repair Problem

    2) The VSS – Vehicle Speed Sensor may not be dirty and needs to be cleaned.

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