2004 Saturn ion 2 quad coupe

When driving over 50mph, my front tires are making a thumping noise& feel like they’re shaking & wobbling. I was told rims were bent, & replaced the front ones, but not yet the back. The car is still experiencing same problem, but not as bad as before. Also, when I turn wheel slightly to right or left, it stops. Could the back rims, still in need of replacement, be causing these probes in the front? Or could it be a whole different issue?

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  1. First thing I would try would be to rotate the front wheel to the back and see if that makes a difference. it may be that the tires have a busted belt.

    If it doesn’t seem to make a change then I would be looking at the front hub bearings since the noise seems to change when you are turning, this is generally a good indication of a failing hub bearing. I would think it would have been possible to damage the the bearings when the wheels got damaged.

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