1999 Acura CL 3.0

my ABS light just came on and I took it to be scanned and they said it shows no error code on the scanner, but the light is still on


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  1. If you just ran up to Autozone or something to have the codes scanned you probably won’t get the information you are looking for. The scan tools they generally use only pull the engine codes for the check engine light. You will need the codes pulled with a scan tool that is equipped with the ABS software.

  2. 1997 Acura CL 3.0 lt, everything was fine then my night time running and dashboard lights went out and wont turn back on i check the fuses and there all good my head lights work my lighter works clock displays works just my dashboard n night time running lights both tail and front, signal lights come on long lights work brake lights turn on with press of brake

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