2004 mercedes sl 350, 3.7L

1). what is the simplest and highest BHP I can get from this engine.
2). how can I raise the HP to above 300BHP


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  1. The SL 3.7L engine: Peak Horsepower output of 242 HP @ 5,600 rpm; Maximum Torque of 258 ft-lbs @ 3,000 RPM.

    So Stock the engine puts out 242 HP according to the manufacturer and there specs are based on BHP(Brake Horsepower) and not RWHP(rear wheel horse power). So you are wanting to add at least 60 HP the simplest way you can.

    This is a no brainier for me. The Answer: Nitrous Oxide. You will want to go with a ZEX System that is considered safe and will not harm your engine.

    The Above kit adds from 55-75 Horsepower and is engineered for stock type engine but will also work on modified engines as well. Kit installs in 2 hours, Reliable and the horsepower is only there when you need it so you don’t have to sacrifice long term fuel mileage. I have used ZEX Nitrous systems and love the performance.

  2. Thanks for that, I did not consider nitrous, and I have never used it. Now you have got my attention. Can you give me a quick run down on how it works. I have done a little research since my post and it seems another option is to unrestrict it and remap it up by roughly 15hp, fit an induction or modified air intake system(few more hp), fit sports exhausts(few more hp) and decat it(more hp). Not sure what all this would add up to. Any suggestions.

  3. Anytime you modify or change it… un capping, replacing, remapping… you take away reliability. Not that it wouldn’t be reliable but not as reliable as it once was.

    Now with that in mind, if you did want to go ahead and remove the catalytic convertors, open up the intake and install a larger Air intake system, replace the injectors and MAF sensor you would get even more horsepower but not near what you are wanting. They advertise 15 hp if you do this and 10 if you do that and if you did both, you might get 17 total.

    Nitrous Oxide makes the air dense allowing more room for air and fuel. The more air and fuel you can burn the greater horse power you will get. Nitrous Oxide is not explosive like you see in the movies and is pretty safe to use if on the EFI engines. The Nitrous is sprayed into the air intake and the MAF sensor sees that more air is entering the engine and compensates and increases the fuel and like magic, you has a boost of power that is at the push of a button.

    The bottom line is you can make it as powerful as you can afford. The biggest bang for the buck is Nitrous !

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