1975, plymouth duster, 225 cid super six., 2bbl, AT

I own a 1975 Plymouth duster with a slant super six, I have replaced fuel line and put a electric fuel pump and regulator and have 4psi fuel pressure, replaced electronic ecu and new wiring for same, rebuilt carb 2bbl, new ballist resistor, new distibitor, new plugs and wires, timing is correct, vac. 20 and rpm’s are right. hard starting when cold but starts every time hot, idles great, runs great driving on flat ground but to drive up a hill and it will die every time. I am stumped???


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  1. Float adjustment in Carburetor is what it sounds like to me. Carbs have generally be cold natured but looking at the coke assembly adjustments may help with the cold start.

    I will say that on one occasion I came across a similar issue and it turned out to be a loose piece of metal sliding around under the distributor rotor. Was a real tough one to find. But yours sounds more like running out of fuel if it take up the hill for a second and then dies out as your going up the hill. Like letting off the gas might help for a second or too before the engine dies.

    A carb works by the Venturi Principle: which basically means that if you pass air across a hole, a vacuum will be created in that hole. A carburetor has many carefully positioned holes which the air sucked in by the engine flows past. These holes are connected to the carburetor bowl, which is Keep Reading…

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