2004 Ford F150 5.4L (Automatic)

My car engine stalled and displayed “Check Gauges”. It starts well all the time but keeps switching off every 20 or so yards. I have changed both the fuel filter and the fuel pump but the problem persists. Please tell me what can possibly be the fault.

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  1. Check for any engine codes and post them back here in the comments if any are found.

    When the engine dies and will not start, you will need to determine if it is not getting fuel or spark or neither. Once you determine that, you can concentrate on that area.

    If you see its getting spark, you can try spraying a good amount of starter fluid in the air filter and try to start the engine while holding the throttle at least half way open. If it runs on starting fluid, keep looking at your fuel system.

    Post back your findings and we will do our best to help you further.

    Reference: Engine No Start Diagnostics

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