560 SL Mercedes 1987

On the week of August 11th I took my new 1987 560 SL
To a mechanic to check the breaks that squeaked and alignment because car slightly pulled to left.
He said I had to sign an estimate sheet and write down the items. I did so. 2 days later I called to ask what he found out. He asked that I stop by. He then told me the transmission and oil were leaking terribly. I let him know that I has it sitting in my garage and has driven it several times and there was no trace of leakage on garage floor. He insisted it was and that I was lucky the car had not blown up. I went and looked up all the service records I had obtained from the seller. One item was a new Airconditioning unit had been installed. It was fine prior to visit, the key just needed to be jiggled in order for the fan to turn on. He insisted it needed a new AC unit and that the parts were very difficult to find as well. Anyway when asked how much money he thought is was going to cost he said he did not know. I then left and brought my husband back the following day with all of the written reports that had been supplied to me by the sellers of the car. Then he said oh yes the AC does seem to be working. (As is was indicated on reports) Lucky it was just in the ignition switch. Now and after day one, the car was dissembled. He says I needed a new transmission, new this new that and when asked again how much he said I don’t know yet. Then he says maybe you should just get rid of the car, that he told me the first day was going to be a collectors item someday. My husband returned again and asked for a written estimate of repairs the car needed and the costs. Then he just started talking fast and in circles. Never with a definite answer, just that our questions had become to overwhelming and he preferred not to work on the car because it was too old. Again my husband asked what is it going to cost me to get this car back together and drive-able? He stated it would be done for no more than $2000. Still nothing in writing. Only statements that he is saving us a huge amount of money.
We are about to pick the car up today and the total has now creeped up to $2,600 approximately verbally on phone. What shall I write on the check that I am obviously going to have to pay him, to get the car back in working condition. Any advice.
Thanks novice !

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  1. If you have signed an agreement to pay the mechanic for work that was performed, you will be required to pay for the work in order to get the car back.

    Learn from this and do not leave you car to be worked on unless you have a signed written agreement that you are OK with.

    As long as the mechanic performed the repairs he is charging you for, you are obligated to pay for those repairs you agreed to.

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