Problems with headlights:    On bright the left side burns but not the right side.  On dim the right side burns but not the left side.  Running light only works on left side… We have replaced all the bulbs.  What should we check to fix this problem?


1 thought on “2002 DODGE GRAND CARAVAN SPORT”

  1. I would start with a couple of tests. Try swapping the front bulbs and see if the problems follow the bulb or stay with that particular side. If the problems follow the bulb, replace the bulb. If the problems stay with a particular side, then focus on each side separately.

    With the light switch on, but the GOOD bulb not on, wiggle the bulb in the socket and see if it will light. If so, replace the connector.

    If not, use a multi-meter to determine if the socket has correct voltage.
    No Voltage: Check for voltage on wires coming to the socket. Voltage On wires, replace socket. No voltage on wires, trace wiring back to the switch.

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