2008 Hyundai Sonata V-6

What could fail on the car and create multiple things on the car not to work. I drove my car one morning with no issues. Five hours later the car wont start. Get a jump, shifter doesn’t want to shift. Press on gas pedal, the motor doesn’t rev, the radio wont come on. The car wont go over 10 MPH. Etc..


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  1. Number one answer = “BATTERY
    Number two answer = “ALTERNATOR

    If the battery goes bad from age or from an alternator failure, the car won’t start. And if you jump it and things aren’t wanting to act quite right it is most likely the alternator is not producing enough juice to run the system computers properly. If the battery has an internal short it can cause the same result as the alternator can not keep up with the discharge rate.

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