2005 Ford Thunderbird 3.9 V8 (actually Jagure engine also used Lincolns)

I have an intermittent miss and a code P2107 & P2110. This indicates a bad throttle actuator control (TAC) and the need to replace a rather expensive throttle body. However, I have found several references that these codes are more often set by a bad coil on plug (COP). Anyone have any experience with this?

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  1. Can’t say that i have ever heard of the coil setting a Throttle body code. Here is the information i have on the codes you have. i would think replacing the throttle body would be the right course of action.

    P2110 – Throttle Actuator Control System – Forced Limited RPM

    P2107 Ford – Throttle Actuator Control Module Processor

    Possible causes
    – Foulty Throttle Body
    – Faulty Throttle Actuator Control Module
    – Throttle Actuator Control Module harness is open or shorted
    – Throttle Actuator Control Module circuit poor electrical connection
    – Faulty Powertrain Control Module (PCM)

    P2107 Ford Description
    The Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) control area of the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) failed test. Fault code could the result of incorrect Throttle Position (TP) command of the Throttle Actuator Control Module (TACM)

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