1995 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

How do I gain access to the upper part of the rear shocks, PLEASE ? I peeled back the rug in the front part of the trunk… I folded down the rear seat and peeled back carpeting… I removed the side panels next to the rear seat and peeled and for the life of me I cannot see where the shocks threaded stud comes through to the rubber bushing, washer and retaining nut… All I see is sheet metal… the body itself only PLEASE help me with this one… I’ve been repairing motor vehicles for over 30 years now, ran into hard accesses for upper rear shock disassembly, but NEVER like this one at all. THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!

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  1. According to the Manual:

    •Fold down the seatback frame.
    •Remove the quarter trim panel.
    •Pull the folding carpet back.

    The rear axle must be supported before removing the nut in order to avoid possible damage to the break hose lines, the tie rod and the propeller shaft.
    •Raise and suitably support the vehicle. Refer to Lifting and Jacking the Vehicle in General Information.
    •Support the rear axle (8).
    •Remove the nut (1).
    •Remove the retainer (2) and the upper insulator (3).
    •Remove the retainer (2) and the lower insulator (5).
    •Remove the nut (7) from the rear axle (8).
    •Remove the shock absorber (6).

    I think you have to remove the corner trim piece and there may be a plastic plug to remove.

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